<About Metropolis>

"The word 'metro' as used in the names of the different units has the meaning of 'underground' or 'subterranean', which is derived from a Greek word meaning 'mother'.
This word was used in order to express and admire the idea of the indie world where many idols are born and raised - the 'underground' scene which acts as a 'mother' to them.
'Metropolis' is derived from a 1927 German film themed around a female android, and 'Metropolon' comes from 'Apollon' - the name of the god of arts such as music and poetry.
'Vixen' is a female fox, and a group of which former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman was previously a member, and it was also the name of a female rock band from the 80s."

<Metropolis Synopsis>


Metro Ririco is a member of the idol singer group Metropolis, who come from “True Earth”, a world that's deep underground planet Earth.
Enraged by the way humans violate the planet, the True Earthlings send Metro Ririco and the others to the surface to eliminate humans. Using mimetic camouflage, they disguise as grade and middle-schoolers.
Ririco and her fellow True Earthlings form an idol group to study humans' "enthusiasm" and the effect it has on humans.
The True Earthlings believe that the humans' enthusiasm is motivated by lust and greed and so they hope that they can make them extinct by weakening their enthusiasm. But the Metropolis members start to appreciate enthusiasm through their daily interaction with the enthusiastic otaku fans. They forget that they are there to wipe out humans.
As the girls align themselves with the humans, they end up betraying their own people.
The Metropolis singers use a psychic ability known as "Metro-Contact" that allows them to absorb the knowledge and memories of the otaku fans' they meet at occasions for handshakes and autographs like the Meet Metropolis event.
The absorbed knowledge and memories are used to protect mankind.